Incremental innovation backed up by feedback based on experience

Technical excellence to ensure client support

Health & Safety is of paramount importance at all times

The value of our engineering knowhow is enhanced

by our activities in the field

Truth lies in the detail

in situ remediation is all about detail


In contrast to other players in the general remediation sector offering a full range of conventional technologies for the European market, Euremtech has opted for a "specialized" model by focusing its efforts on three "high-performance" in situ technologies that have been developed by leaders in the North American market (Geo-Cleanse Int. US & McMillan-McGee CAN). These companies have been working alongside Euremtech for a good many years now.

Since it was set up in 2005, Euremtech has been offering its European clients technological performance and financial control with a view to achieving project goals.

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Euremtech and its partners have succeeded in bringing about a real technological breakthrough in EUROPE, specifically by investment and by adapting all the equipment required to implement the proposed technologies to ensure they comply with European regulations.

Our services are backed up by a tried and tested project methodology and strategy:

  • expertise in our respective fields,
  • knowhow and experience, leading to incremental innovation,
  • technological maturity, which goes hand-in-hand with tight budget control during projects,
  • a proven, gradual and target-based approach to projects (methodology).




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